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Nestled along the the coastline in the picturesque South-East Region of Haiti, Cayes-Jacmel is an enchanting town bustling with commerce and overflowing with art. Cayes-Jacmel features a wonderful farmer's market, a variety of talented artists and several tremendous beaches.

The Farmer's Market
Truly a sight to behold, the farmer's market is in full swing every Wednesday and Saturday. Cayes-Jacmel features one of the best markets in Haiti. The sights and sounds in the market are a delighted to the senses and truly immerse you in in the culture of Haiti.

From amazing and intricate hand carved model boats to elaborate and vivid paintings, Cayes-Jacmel has dozens of artists in residence. Take a gentle stroll through the charming streets filled with historic homes and visit the artists shops.

Enjoy a lobster cooked to order on the public beach a few minutes from Jacmel. Have a local vendor crack open a fresh coconut for you. Merchants and artists are available to provide a hand crafted sun hat or the perfect souvenir. Explore the local coral while snorkeling, or dive into the watery depths in search of pirates lost at sea.

Whatever your desires, Cayes-Jacmel is sure to help you discover the treasures a vacation in Haiti holds for you. Welcome to Cayes-Jacmel, join the adventure.


Current Events

- Farmers Market
Every Wed & Sat

- Local Art Walk
Daily, self-paced.
- Additional information available - at City Hall.

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